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"All it took was opening one shop. Eight years later ... we have seven locations."

Our doughnuts are made from scratch each morning. The dedicated team of bakers starts their magic at 3am to make sure you get the freshest, most delicious product every single day. Our glazes and fillings are made from scratch too. Sure, we buy a few decorations (Oreos, sprinkles, gingerbread men) but that’s pretty much it.

While we’re not certified kosher or certified nut free, we have no traif nor any nuts in house (except for coconut/sesame). We take allergies seriously. Please feel free to reach out if you have any allergy concerns! There’s also tons of info on our website FAQ.

  • Ten flavors change each month along with a new doughnut cake and specials.

  • We ship our cake style doughnuts nationwide, but not our yeast(raised).

  • We’re proudly part of @thegallowsgroup, woman owned, and inclusive.


Blackbird Doughnuts locations are in Boston’s South End, Fenway, Harvard Square, Brighton, Newton Centre, and Beacon Hill / West End and Watertown. We are dedicated to creating unique gourmet doughnuts from scratch.  

south end.jpg


Opened 2015

492 Tremont St, Boston

Located in Boston's South End the Tremont Street shop is our flagship store and home to Sally's Sandwiches no. 1



Opened 2017

20 Kilmarnock St, Boston

Our smallest shop located on Kilmarnock Street in the heart of Boston's Fenway neighborhood was opened before anyone even knew what Fenway was.

blackbird newton centre.png


Opened 2018

1350 Mass Ave, Cambridge

Harvard Square welcomed us with open arms in the brand new Smith Campus Center. After the pandemic the shop moved locations within the building and now houses Sally's Sandwiches no. 2



Opened 2018

100 Holton St, Brighton

The Brighton shop located on Holton Street is where you can get a glimpse of where we make the doughnuts as it's also home to our production facility.

newton centre.png


Opened 2019

55 Union Street,  Newton

The first shop to house our brand new doughnut displays. The Newton Centre shop is located on Union Street directly across from the Newton Centre T stop.

beacon hill.png


Opened 2020

175 Cambridge St, Cambridge

We were thrilled to open our Beacon Hill/West End shop on Cambridge Street in the fall of 2020. This shop gave new life to Blackbird after a long spring and summer brought down by the pandemic.



116 Bond Sq, Watertown MA

 Arsenal Yards 

The newest member of the family, and we couldn't be more thrilled. Our first location with seating! Come in, stay, and enjoy!

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